Mysterious Hum Keeps Irish Town Residents Awake at Night

The people of Omagh, a small town in Northern Ireland, have been complaining about a mysterious humming sound that can be heard at night and is disrupting their sleep. After weeks of a frustrating investigation by city officials that ended in failure, sound experts were called in to try and solve the mystery. People characterize the sound as a persistent buzz or hum that differs from the sound of passing vehicles. The sound can only be heard between midnight and 1 a.m. While some have gotten used to it, others claim that it’s interfering with their sleep and are demanding that something be done about it. A sound crew has used specialized equipment to assist in detecting the noise, but so far it’s been difficult to pinpoint the source. Some of the theories being thrown around include everything from farm or factory machinery to flying saucers. Omagh isn’t the only place that’s been plagued by a mysterious sound. For years, the English village of Holmfield and the Canadian city of Windsor have both been plagued by a constant hum. While the Holmfield Hum remains a mystery, the Windsor Hum turned out to be a blast furnace at a U.S. Steel plant. When the plant began phasing out machinery, once the blast furnace went silent, so did the hum.