Woman Freaks Out Over Disastrous Blowout From Boutique Hair Salon

Chicago-based comedian Maggie Hughes DePalo became a social media sensation after she showed off the results of her hair appointment, sharing the experience of receiving a disastrous blowout from a boutique hair salon she had never visited before. She said that after walking in, getting her hair washed, and getting “thrown” into a chair, multiple people ferociously used round brushes to tame her mane. “At one point, my head was way down, and when I looked up, somebody else was pouring some white powder on my hair,” said Maggie. She ended up giving a warning to others who may be considering using the shop. “If you’re unhappy with something, you should say something.” One commenter asked if Maggie had made a mistake and gone to a dog groomer, while another quipped, “Please, let this be a joke!” Yet another commenter posted the best opinion of all: “Oh, she went to The Higher the Hair the Closer to Heaven salon!”