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In today’s world, there seems to be more bad news than good news. The truth is, there’s just as much good news out there; the media just isn’t reporting it. If you’re tired of being fed only bad news by the media, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find lighthearted news: inspirational, funny, uplifting and interesting.

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Seattle Airport Uses Robot To Deliver Food Right To Your Gate

A small robot on wheels has begun roaming the terminals at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, delivering meals to travelers waiting at their gates. The airport recently introduced "OrderSEA," a mobile ordering service that links travelers with 16 of the airport's restaurants to order pick up when they're crunched for time. The robot, named Gita, is helping to make the airport experience more flexible and less stressful says Sam Cho, Port of Seattle Commissioner. Gita is capable of storing up to 40 pounds of food and delivering it around the terminal — for a $2.99 fee. For now, the robot is accompanied by a human escort, but if demand for the service is high, a fleet of Gita robots could soon be wheeling around the terminal, unaccompanied. OrderSEA currently allows for orders from McDonald’s, Trail Head BBQ and Pizza Vino, but more options will be added in the coming months.
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The Appeal of “Get What You Get” Tattoos

You’ve finally made your decision to get a tattoo, and now you’re stuck figuring out what you want it to be. It is, after all, likely to be on your skin for the rest of your life. So, what should you do if you can’t make a decision? You can leave it entirely up to fate, which is the thinking behind “Get What You Get” tattoos, a new trend in the tattoo world that leaves the art one gets inked into their skin entirely up to chance. This method generally involves putting a token into an old vending machine and using whatever random sketch comes out of it as your newest piece of body art. If you don’t like the design you’ve randomly chosen, most shops will let you take a do-over for an extra fee. While fate may be responsible for selecting your design, it’s the tattoo shop itself that decides what images get put into the vending machine in the first place. Most of the designs are small-to-medium sized and available either in black-and-white or multi-colored. Placement of the tattoos tends to be limited to the arms and legs, with some shops refusing to ink them on specific spots, like the neck or hands. Compared to regular designs, Get What You Get tattoos are notorious for being lower cost and wallet-friendly. Most shops charge around $100 to select a design, and they tack on an extra $10-$20 if you don’t like what you’ve picked and want to select again.



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The One Benefit of House Flies?

Houseflies are annoying pests that can quickly ruin an outdoor or indoor event. They carry some of the most destructive diseases, including anthrax, typhoid fever, dysentery and conjunctivitis. Yet, despite all their flaws, they do have a purpose in this world — more than just keeping manufacturers of flyswatters and fly sprays in business. Houseflies can be used to estimate the time of death. Although a number of fly species will visit a corpse, houseflies are one of the first to visit a corpse after death. Any eggs they lay will hatch between 8 to 24 hours later. The maggots then become pupae, followed by adults, within three to six days. By looking at the age of the houseflies on the body, forensic scientists can estimate how long it has been dead.
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Why Umpires Have Underwear Requirements

Some jobs require uniforms, especially in the world of sports. We’re not talking about the teams, we’re talking about the officials, and in baseball, that person is known as the umpire. The “umps" are required to wear a series of protective gear, over an official MLB umpire uniform, but what many sports fans don't know is that umpires are also required to wear black underwear. Why? In case their pants split! With all of the bending and squatting that's part of the job, it's natural for wardrobe malfunctions to occur, and it's a priority of the MLB to keep the focus of fans, players, and the media on the game of baseball and not on some umpire’s "tighty whities."
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