Daily Inspiration

Beyond Your Comfort Zone


Great rewards await if we obey without knowing all the details. It's a principle God wants each of His followers to experience. Learning to trust Him is like making a journey step after step. Faith builds upon faith. When we trust, we receive unexpected blessings. This strengthens our confidence and inspires us to trust God again as we take another step. God wants us to grow in faith, not only because we need Him, but also because it's good for us. It stretches us beyond our comfort zone — way beyond. We need to know the experience of embarking on an endeavor we've never tried before. We need to know that, with His help, we can safely tackle any challenge and take the risk of getting in over our heads. We need to know that when God calls us to a task, He will give us what we need to succeed. Abraham responded based on belief — not because he could see what was ahead, not because he had a printout of what the future held, not because he could calculate a return on his investment for this venture. He responded "by faith" — he willingly exchanged the known for the unknown, all because he trusted in God.