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In today’s world, there seems to be more bad news than good news. The truth is, there’s just as much good news out there; the media just isn’t reporting it. If you’re tired of being fed only bad news by the media, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find lighthearted news: inspirational, funny, uplifting and interesting.

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The Overlooked Exercise That Could Ease Debilitating Back Pain

Anyone with lower back pain knows that it can be a debilitating condition that limits the ability to move and participate in daily life. Currently, an estimated 65 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. New research suggests that simply getting up and walking through the pain is a highly effective way to reduce aches and get back to a normal life. Some 16 million American adults experience chronic back pain thanks in part to high rates of inactivity and obesity, while tens of millions more experience some form of the discomfort. This translates to lost time at work, expensive trips to physical therapists, and fees for exercises that require specialized equipment. Walking is a free intervention, making it uniquely attractive and accessible. Walking not only reduces pain and eliminates the need for doctor visits, it also improves sleep habits and mood. The CDC recommends getting in 20 minutes a day of moderate intensity exercise, like brisk walking. While it might seem boring, walking improves blood circulation to the muscles, helps manage weight, improves metabolism, and releases mood-boosting endorphins.

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Seattle Man Lived In An All-Inclusive Resort For a Month To See If It Was Cheaper Than Paying Rent

Ben Keenan was fed up with the soaring cost of rent and groceries when he made the decision to try living at an all-inclusive resort for a month to see if it was cheaper. Over a period of 27 days at the Ocean Riviera Paradise resort in Mexico’s Playa del Carmen, Keenan uploaded videos showing his daily routine and estimated costs, following a Monday-Friday routine to keep it comparable to his regular life. Costs included lodging, food, drinks, events, and amenities such as gym membership. He noted that his room had the same square footage as his apartment in Seattle. He estimated that in his normal life he would spend around $4,100 a month, which includes $2,300 for rent, $200 for utilities, and $270 for his car payment. At the end of his trip, Keenan’s total cost at the resort, excluding airfare, was $4,900. While the resort cost him $800 more than his normal expenses, Keenan pointed out that his trip was a last-minute decision and he could have saved at least $400 if he had booked his room earlier. He also pointed out that the resort included benefits such as events, a pool, room service, and housekeeping.

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The World’s Shortest Commercial Flight Is Over In Less Than 2 Minutes

Most of us can just hop into a car or on a bus or train for short trips, but things are different on the islands of northern Scotland. The few people who call the Orkney Islands their home have only two options: a ferry ride over rough waters, or an incredibly short flight in a small plane. The second option is the most popular because the ferry can often face delays because of the choppy sea. By contrast, the flight between the Scottish islands of Westray and Papa Westray holds the world’s record for the shortest commercial flight, as the plane is usually in the air for just under 2 minutes. With favorable winds, it can be over in less than a minute. First established in 1967, the route covers a distance of just 1.7 miles, which is shorter than the runways at most major airports. Loganair passengers are flown in a small plane that only requires one pilot and has just eight seats. Needless to say, there’s no in-flight service available and you won’t have time to watch an in-flight movie……even if they had one. The flight between the two islands has been criticized as bad for the environment because of the short distance it covers, but for the 600 residents of Westray and the 90 residents of Papa Westray, it’s a vital link between their islands. For Orkney Islands residents, the flights are subsidized by the Scottish government, while tourists can expect to pay between $21 and $56. 

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The Man Who Died Trying To Stop His Snoring

In 1996, Mark Gleeson, of Hampshire, UK, was told by his doctor that his snoring was incurable. The snoring was due to sinus problems following a car accident. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands. After drinking some wine and downing a few sleeping pills, the 26-year-old opted to shove tampons up his nose to silence the snoring. The next day when his girlfriend arrived, she found Gleeson unresponsive. It turned out that he had died in his sleep. The medical examiner listed his cause of death as asphyxiation due in part to the tampons, indicating that the sleeping pills would also have added to his breathing difficulties. Gleeson’s death was ruled an accident.

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