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In today’s world, there seems to be more bad news than good news. The truth is, there’s just as much good news out there; the media just isn’t reporting it. If you’re tired of being fed only bad news by the media, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find lighthearted news: inspirational, funny, uplifting and interesting.

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Man Curious About What Celebrities Who Died Too Young Would Look Like Now Uses Artificial Intelligence To Create Pictures of What They Would Look Like Today

Sadly, many actors, singers, and other celebrities have left this world way too soon. One man, who was curious about what some of the celebrities would look like if they were alive today decided that artificial intelligence and Photoshop might revive the celebrities and give him a glimpse into what they might look like in 2021. What he found is that though the photos are far from perfect, some are creepy, while others render a version that doesn’t change the celebrity that much. Who knows which of these celebrities would have aged gracefully and which ones would have worn their age on their face.


James Dean

Princess Diana

Freddie Mercury

John Lennon

Marilyn Monroe

Whitney Houston

Amy Winehouse


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This Airplane-Shaped Handbag Costs More Than an Actual Airplane

Designed by Louis Vuitton’s menswear artistic director, Virgil Abloh, as part of this year’s men’s collection, this airplane-shaped handbag recently went viral for allegedly costing more than a used, single-engine airplane. Described as a “Keepall” bag, the unusual accessory looks like a miniature commercial airliner, complete with wings, tail and even four engines embossed with the signature Louis Vuitton logo. Like most LV accessories, it has the company’s monogram plastered all-over to let everyone know that you’re loaded. The bag went viral on Twitter after one user compared its price to that of a used Cessna single-engine airplane selling for just $32,300 on eBay. It’s unclear whether Louis Vuitton’s Keepall handbag is just a fashion statement, or if it actually has any functionality.



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Foodies Are Crazy Over Pasta Pie That Requires 5 Simple Ingredients

Lovers of Italian cuisine are drooling over a home cook's indulgent pasta pie made from five simple ingredients. The woman shared her simple recipe in an Australian Facebook group dedicated to affordable meals, revealing that she makes the pie from beef, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, rigatoni pasta and mozzarella cheese. She said she starts by browning two pounds of ground beef and carefully draining the fat before adding four cans of tomatoes and two jars of tomato paste. Once combined, she seasons the mixture with salt, pepper, a selection of herbs and spices, as well as a pinch of sugar to enhance the flavor. She then cooks a full box of rigatoni in boiling water and arranges the pasta standing up in a well-greased cheesecake pan, where she stuffs the pasta with whole slices of mozzarella before pouring meat sauce over the top and sprinkling it with shredded mozzarella. The pie should be baked in the oven at 350ยบ F for 25 minutes, until the cheese has melted to a crisp, golden brown.
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Tiny Terriers Chase Hungry Bear Out of House

Dee Dee Mueller of Pasadena, California, had quite a shock recently when she reviewed the footage from her CCTV camera and discovered that a bear had been in her house while she was napping on the couch. Awakened by the incessant barking of her two terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei, she went to see what was going on. When she didn’t see what could have started them barking, she decided to check her cameras. There she discovered that a young bear had entered her house and was exploring her kitchen before the dogs interrupted it. Mueller said the doors of the property were left open to allow the dogs the freedom to explore outside. She said she suspects the dogs smelled the bear and went to investigate. That’s when they went into guard dog mode and chased the bear out of the house. When Mueller found a trail of bear urine, she knew the dogs has scared the bear for sure. The bear appears to be skinny and is suspected to have recently emerged from hibernation. 



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