The Brilliant Hack To Stop Family Members From Talking About Politics During Thanksgiving Dinner

As Americans get ready to sit down with their family and friends for Thanksgiving dinner this year, there’s one topic many of them hope to avoid: politics. For those who would prefer their turkey without a heated debate, Neko Ashi has revealed her brilliant hack for keeping the peace this holiday season. Instead of asking guests to not bring up politics and hoping they oblige, she came up with a fitting punishment for those who break her rule. Her recommendation is to announce at the beginning of dinner that anybody who brings up politics in any way, shape or form will be seated at the children’s table. To add insult to injury, they will also be responsible for entertaining the kids for the rest of the night. A recent survey indicated that 61% of the people surveyed are against discussing politics at family dinners. As for most families, a healthy dose of “zip it” will be on the menu this year.