Humans May Be Able to Grow New Teeth Within the Next Few Years

The average adult human body contains 206 bones, and when they break they have the ability to regrow themselves. Teeth, however, are not bones. Although they’re made of the hardest material in the human body, they lack the crucial ability to heal and regrow themselves. Soon, that may not be the case, thanks to Japanese researchers who are moving forward with an experimental drug that promises to regrow human teeth. This development follows years of study around a particular antibody, called the USAG-1 gene, that has been shown to encourage tooth growth in mice. Human clinical trials are set to begin in September, which will focus on 30 males between the ages of 30 and 64, each missing at least one tooth. The drug will be administered intravenously to prove its effectiveness and safety. So far, no side effects have been reported in animal studies. If all goes well, scientists are hoping to be able to provide a tooth-regrowing medication by the year 2030.