Dog Beats the Odds After Being Hit By a Car, Shot and Frozen

In an amazing story of canine survival, a dog named Dosha has shown that she has nearly as many lives as the average cat. Dosha was hit by a car near her owner’s Clearwater, Calif., home. A patrol officer happened onto the scene and shot Dosha in the head to put her out of her misery. Presumed dead, Dosha was then put into a freezer at the animal control center. Two hours later, when a veterinarian opened the door to the freezer, she was shocked to find the 10-month-old mixed-breed standing upright in the plastic orange bag. She was rushed into surgery to remove fragments of the bullet from her head and treated for an injured muzzle. The dog’s owner, Louetta Mallard, was finally reunited with Dosha at the vet’s office. The single mother of two teenage boys explained that she had let Dosha out to go to the bathroom, and when she went to call her back in was confronted by a neighbor who said the dog had been shot and taken away. Mallard said she was grateful for all the animal control center did, as well as for the donations that poured in to cover the vet bill. Dosha made a full recovery and now is hooked up to a lead when she goes outside.