Miami Beach Police Department Rolls Out the World’s First Rolls-Royce Police Car

Miami Beach Police may soon be cruising in style with the introduction of the world’s first police Rolls-Royce car. The department is using the car as part of its efforts to attract new recruits. The 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost, originally priced at $250,000, is part of Braman Rolls-Royce of Miami’s fleet, and the auto dealer has sponsored all the costs associated with the project. Miami Beach Police Chief Wayne Jones highlighted the significance of this top-of-the-line vehicle, stating, “This is the best you can get as far as it relates to vehicles. The police department is the best there is in the country.” Needless to say, social media pounced on the announcement, with one commenter writing: "'Excuse me, officer, could you please arrest me? I'm dying to see the inside of this car’ said every criminal in Miami Beach."