Move Over Woman With the World’s Biggest Lips — Here’s the Woman With the World’s Biggest Cheeks

Anastasia Pokreschchuk, from Kyiv, Ukraine, is famed for her surgically enhanced face, spending more than $2,000 on administering facial injections on herself. The 36-year-old has now sent people into shock after revealing her fresh-faced look at 26. The before picture paired with the recent after picture shows a stark contrast between the model’s natural face, which she described as “mouse-like,” and the distorted look after the injections. Social media users agree that the plump lips and ballooning cheekbones make her look cartoonish. People are left wondering why, when she was so pretty before, she felt the need to mess up her face with injections. Anastasia began experimenting with fillers at the age of 26 and has lost track of how many times she has injected filler into her face. Filler isn’t the only thing she’s spending money on. So far, she has spent thousands on hair dye, veneers, breast enlargement, and even a Brazilian butt lift. Although social media users may not be sold on her extreme look Anastasia doesn't care, having previously explained that her cosmetic journey is for her and nobody else.