Free Bottle of Wine Claimed After Someone Actually Reads the Privacy Policy

A free bottle of wine has finally been claimed after being hidden in the privacy policy of a tax-focused think tank’s website for 3 months. Tax Policy Associates added the clause in February as an experiment to see if anyone would actually read the full terms. The business recently changed the small print on its site after the eagle-eyed discovery. "We know nobody reads this, because we added in February that we would send a bottle of good wine to the first person to contact us, and it was only in May that we got a response," a sentence in their privacy policy now reads. Prior to the change, the privacy policy included a section that read: “This website uses cookies so it remembers your name if you leave a comment. You can reject them if you like. We will send a bottle of good wine to the first person to read this. We don’t serve any advertising.” Dan Neidle, CEO of Tax Policy Associates, said he was inspired by the band Van Halen, who would ask for a bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones removed as part of their tour rider as a test to make sure promoters were paying attention to their requests.