Mother-of-Two Sparks Fierce Debate After Charging Other Parents For Playdates With Her Children

Brianna Weimar, from Monroe, Wash., landed in hot water recently when she insisted on being reimbursed for snacks, soap, and even electricity by the parents of a child who came to her house for a playdate. Taking to social media, she posted that she had sent a Venmo request for $36 to one parent and received the response: “We received your ‘bill’ for the play date. $36 for snacks and supplies? Seriously? I hope you enjoyed your little price-gouging scheme. Thanks for the ‘hospitality’.” Weimar went on to explain to the parent that she kept track of everything the woman’s son ate and used during the playdate, right down to the number of pumps of soap the boy used when he washed his hands. She said the boys played video games for 45 minutes, so she calculated how much electricity that cost and divided it by two. She also indicated a clean-up fee when the young boy spilled his juice on the carpet. As shown in the photo above, Weimar even provided an itemized list of how she arrived at the $36 fee. Needless to say, she didn’t fare well on social media, and it's likely any future invitations for playdates will be declined.