Error By Jeweler Allows Man To Snag $14,000 Earrings For Just $14

Heroes don’t always wear capes — sometimes they wear Cartier. Rogelio Villarreal was scrolling through social media when he noticed 18-carat rose gold Clash de Cartier earrings on the jeweler’s website. Unfortunately for Cartier, the iconic jeweler had made a mistake in listing the earrings for 237 pesos ($14) instead of the correct price, 237,000 pesos ($14,000). The 27-year-old said he broke out in a cold sweat after seeing the jeweler’s pricing and decided to order not one, but two sets. After a few months of going back and forth with the jeweler, Villarreal was offered a bottle of champagne instead of the jewelry. No deal, said Villarreal. He finally got the earrings last week, at the $14 price, and decided to give one set to his mother. Needless to say, Cartier most likely has someone new posting prices online.