Skittles Is Giving One Fan a Rent-Free, Rainbow-Themed Apartment In NYC

Skittles is granting your ultimate New York City dream by offering one lucky fan the chance of a lifetime: to live rent-free in New York City for an entire year in a Skittles rainbow-themed apartment. The average New Yorker spends about $3,780 a month to live in the coveted city, so the chance to win a year rent-free is astonishing. Designed by interior decorator Dani Klarić, the 353-square-foot apartment is located at Carmel Place, Manhattan's first micro-unit apartment building, located at 335 East 27th Street. You might be wondering why Skittles is doing this, and as nice as it would be to think that it’s because rent prices are insane right now, it’s actually in celebration of its latest innovation, Skittles Little — a teeny, tiny version of the iconic Skittles. A play on the saying “living large,” the rent-free stunt is encouraging fans to live large, or in this case, small. But wait!……there’s more! The apartment comes with a weekly housekeeping service. Fans can enter for a chance to win the apartment through May 21, 2024 by visiting