This $29,000 Casket On Wheels Is Actually a Street-Legal Vehicle

A dragster-style custom car designed as a casket on wheels was recently auctioned off and went viral because of its unconventional look. Inspired by the Drag-U-La coffin car featured in a 1965 episode of the television series The Munsters, this unusual vehicle features a custom box-frame chassis and an 8-foot fiberglass casket as bodywork. It’s not actually a functional casket, as it was modified to house a driver’s seat behind the rear axle, but it certainly looks like one. Complete with wide rear wheels wrapped in racing slicks, organ-style vertical exhaust pipes, and lantern-style lighting, this coffin car looks more like a movie prop than an actual road-worthy vehicle, but it is, in fact, registered in New York as a 1928 Ford and has a valid license plate. The driver’s compartment is located at the rear of the casket and features a small seat dressed in blue upholstery, and the Chevrolet V8 engine is positioned rearward of the chassis center and features a Holley 4-barrel carburetor, an Edelbrock intake manifold, and ribbed valve covers secured by wing-style bolts. As for the gearbox, the GM TH350 automatic transmission is finished in gold with painted rose accents. The fuel tank is positioned towards the nose of the vehicle and painted gold to make it less conspicuous, as there are other elements that need to stand out, such as the R.I.P. tombstone at the front and the massive exhausts. The unique vehicle is not equipped with an odometer, so the total mileage is unknown, and there's no information on the speeds it can reach, but then again, this is no race car. You’re buying it for its wow factor and that’s pretty much all you’re getting. The casket car was sold last week for $28,750, and came with a collection of trophies and plaques won by the car at various events. For more information, check out the video.