60-Year-Old Woman Qualifies For Miss Argentina Contest Thanks To Shockingly Youthful Looks

Alejandra Marisa Rodríguez, a 60-year-old lawyer and journalist from Buenos Aires, recently won the title of Miss Buenos Aires and qualified for the Miss Argentina beauty pageant. At the end of last year, the Miss Universe beauty contest became more inclusive by eliminating the age limit that had been enforced since 1958. Starting this year, the competition is no longer limited to women between the ages of 18 and 28. Instead, the rules only specify that contestants must be of legal age to participate, which opened the door for many more mature hopefuls, including Rodríguez. “I trained physically, worked on my confidence, and improved my skills on stage. I wanted to show that female empowerment has no limits,” said Rodríguez. With most people saying she doesn’t look a day over 40, Rodríguez stands a good chance of moving to the next stage, which is the race for Miss Universe. Asked how she manages to look so young, Rodríguez said that she works out 3 times a week, practices intermittent fasting, and tries to eat as healthy as possible. She joked that her single status may have contributed to her success in the recent pageant.