After 62 Years of Marriage, Couple Finds Out They're Siblings

Ernest and Mary Roberts have been married for 62 years. The couple has 5 children, 12 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren. Their love is undeniable and their family adores them. For their 62nd wedding anniversary, one of their grandchildren gave them an Ancestry DNA test because they both had been adopted and the family was curious about their origins. Several weeks after the tests were sent out, they got the results. The couple not only shared a common county of origin in Ireland, they also shared enough DNA markers to conclusively say that they share the same parents. Ernest and Mary are 10 months apart and were both sent to orphanages when they were young. Back in the 1930s, boys and girls would go to different homes. Unfortunately, their original birth records were lost and new ones drafted with the information available. Those records went with them when they were adopted. The Roberts' relationship began when they were high school sweethearts. As for how they feel about finding out they're siblings, they say it doesn’t change a thing. “We’re old and we fell in love as individuals and nothing can change that,” said Ernest.