Mouse Secretly Filmed Tidying Up Man’s Shed Every Night

A mouse has been filmed secretly tidying up a man’s shed almost every night for two months. Wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook noticed that objects he left out of place were being mysteriously put back where they belonged overnight. That’s when he decided to set up a night vision camera on his workbench to find out what was happening. He wound up capturing footage reminiscent of the 2007 animated movie Ratatouille, where a rodent secretly cooks at a restaurant. Holbrook, 75, said the first thing he noticed was that some food he was putting out for the birds was ending up in some old shoes he was storing in the shed. The night vision footage showed the critter — whom Holbrook has dubbed “Tidy Mouse” — gathering clothespins, corks, nuts, and bolts and placing them in a tray on the workbench. Holbrook even experimented with leaving out different objects to see if the mouse could lift them, but the creature was undeterred. Holbrook has now made peace with the fact that Tidy Mouse is going to clean up his shed every night, and he’s okay with that.