How to Become a Person Who Cleans

Finding the motivation to clean is harder for some than others. Whether your home has gotten to a place where it feels unmanageable or you’ve always had an aversion to cleaning, it can take a major toll on you. So, how do you become a person who cleans? The first thing you need to do is conduct some self-assessment, but in a way that’s shame-free. For example, perhaps you’re a procrastinator, or someone who just straight up doesn’t like to clean, even if you have the time. Knowing yourself is the first step to figuring out what’s actually preventing you from cleaning. The next thing to do is to realize that while human beings are good excuse makers, they’re also capable of recognizing what needs to be done. At the heart of resistance to cleaning are life skills you have to develop. Instead of focusing on how hard it will be to tackle the task, think about how good it will feel when you’re done. The important thing to remember is not to overwhelm yourself. Start small and do a little bit at a time. Set a goal of cleaning for 10 minutes a day to start and then increase the time periodically. Just because you have to do something hard doesn’t mean you have to do it all at once. People can change when it comes to cleaning. It’s like developing a muscle. You don’t begin lifting weights one day and see huge guns the next — it happens over time. Panicking, procrastinating, or talking unkindly to yourself won’t get the house clean, but chipping away at it will.