The Crow Buster — A Piece of Plastic That Keeps Crows At Bay

A Japanese company that has been developing crow repellents for 15 years claims that its Crow Buster — a translucent piece of yellow plastic — is more effective than any scarecrow. Because of their higher-than-average bird intellect and excellent memory, crows can be tough to deal with. That’s why even the most realistic scarecrows are ineffective. So, how does the Crow Buster work? When UV rays hit the Crow Buster, which is made with saponin extract that comes from plants, it emits a strong light that’s invisible to humans, causing crows to feel confused and frightening them away. It’s tasteless and odorless and doesn't affect humans, dogs, cats, etc. Simply hang the Crow Busters anywhere crows gather and the pesky birds will scatter. Crow Busters typically last about 6 months, depending on the environment. They also work on dragonflies and hawks. The Crow Buster is available on Amazon for $12, or you can order directly from Crow Buster’s website.