The Gym Leggings That Will Shock You Into Getting Fit

These leggings could be a shocking addition to your workout routine. A biotech company that specializes in anti-aging life-care solutions has designed workout leggings that shock you while you exercise, and they look like any other legging and match the comfort and fit of regular clothes. Barun Bio’s WE-Stim (Wearing Electrical Stimulation) leggings deliver low-power electrical stimulation to your body, similar to that of a static electrical shock from shuffling your socks on carpeting. The human body naturally produces “subtle electrical fields” that the leggings use to send signals your muscles. Bodily movement while working out is translated through the leggings into electrical stimulation, which rejuvenates the muscles, boosts athletic performance, aids in muscle recovery, and reduces fatigue. The company claims that wearing the electrical stimulation gear can improve workout performance by 30% and reduce muscle fatigue by 6% or more.