Bookstore Has Been Flooded So Many Times They Now Keep Their Books In Bathtubs and Boats

Keeping a collection of books in a city where the roads are made of water is a dangerous idea to begin with, but Venice’s Libreria Acqua Alta has nothing to fear, since they just keep their books in waterproof basins. The self-proclaimed “most beautiful bookstore in the world” is composed of a number of over-stuffed rooms stacked wall-to-wall with books, magazines, maps, and other collectibles. Due to Venice’s constant flooding, however, these picturesque piles are all placed inside bathtubs, waterproof bins, and in one room a full-size gondola. The store's name itself even means “Book Store of High Water.” When the local waterways rise to fill the store, the water can rise inches off the floor, which would destroy any other collection. The store’s whimsically cramped atmosphere is even reflected in their “fire escape,” which is simply a door leading directly out to a canal. To really complete the look, the store has become home to more than one stray cat, who are also able to escape the rising tides by hanging out atop the stacks.