Fruit Stripe Gum Is Being Discontinued After More Than 50 Years

If you grew up chewing Fruit Stripe gum, there’s bad news for you. Ferrara Candy Company, the maker of Fruit Stripe gum, has decided to discontinue the brightly colored sticks of gum with the bold fruit flavors that lasted almost as long as it took you to read this sentence. The decision to “sunset” the product was not taken lightly. The company says it considered many factors, including consumer preferences and purchasing patterns. The unusual gum was invented in the late 1960s by James Parker and was originally manufactured and sold by the Beech-Nut Confection Division before being passed off in various mergers to Nabisco, Hershey, and finally to Ferrara Candy Company. Fans of the fruity striped gum may still be able to find it at some select retailers nationwide before it sells out. Amazon, Walmart and other large retailers listed Fruit Stripe gum as unavailable as of Friday.