Obese Cat Named One Frosty Too Many Is Adopted and Put On a Diet

A 28½-pound cat named One Frosty Too Many has been adopted by a Virginia woman who runs a pet-sitting business. The 2-year-old gray cat was taken to the Richmond Animal Care and Control shelter on January 2 by an unidentified person who saw the feline on the street. Shelter director Christie Peters said they didn’t have any kittens at that time, so they put the hefty stray in that room. The staff decided to name him One Frosty Too Many because of his plump size and imagining him gulping down the frozen sweet treats from Wendy’s. His nickname slowly became simply Frosty. The staff put Frosty on a strict low-calorie diet, which he was none too happy about. After a few days of Frosty being on the diet, the staff considered changing his name to “Cranky.” When the shelter realized Frosty wasn’t going to be claimed, they put him up for adoption. Soon enough, Maggie Thompson and her husband Mike spotted the listing, and with their sons Mickey and Andy in tow, took the pudgy feline home. The family has two other cats — Rosie and Wolfie — who weigh about 7 pounds each. Once they got their new family member home, they decided to change his name to Gus. They have continued the diet and made a schedule that puts him on the scale every week. The Thompsons are convinced that with love and attention and some good workouts with their other two cats, it won’t be long before Gus will be slim and trim.
Frosty with rescue director Christie Peters

Frosty with new owner Maggie Thompson