$8 Takes Ugly to Beautiful

How many times have you passed on buying a pair of shoes simply because of their color? You liked the shoe, but the color was all wrong. Here’s a tip that may help you to grab those shoes the next time, knowing that there’s a cheap and easy way to take them from ugly to beautiful. All you have to do is visit a shoe repair shop and buy the color you would like the shoes to be. Typically, shoe dyes run in the neighborhood of $8 for a 4 oz. can. Before beginning to spray the shoes, make sure you put masking tape on the soles. The secret to spraying a different color on shoes is to spray lightly. Don't get heavy-handed with it, as that can cause drips and streaks that will leave the shoes looking worse than they did to begin with. That $220 handbag marked down to $20 because of it’s ugly color can become a gorgeous bargain in the same way — by giving it a new color. Make sure you use masking tape to cover any decor you don't want glossed over.