Rare, Dual Cicada Emergence Expected In 2024

In an extremely rare natural phenomenon, two different cicada broods will explode from the ground at the same time this year. Some species of cicadas are periodical, spending most of their lives underground in their nymph life stage before emerging from the ground as adults to feed and mate. Millions of cicadas within the same brood can emerge at the same time, but this occurs only once every 13 or 17 years. One brood — named Brood XIII — emerges every 17 years, while another brood — named Brood XIX — emerges every 13 years. This year, they will emerge at the same time for the first time in 221 years — an event more rare than Halley’s comet. For extra drama, all of the cicadas are completely synchronized with one another, all emerging from the ground simultaneously — flying around, having a massive party, shedding their exoskeletons and making a disgusting mess……….and then they die. After this year, Brood XIX will next be seen in 2037, while Brood XIII will next emerge in 2041.