Parenting Expert Reveals Tried-and-True Discipline Hack That Deescalates Tempers In Children of All Ages

Author and parenting expert Nik Bowers has taken to social media to reveal a tried-and-true technique for disciplining children of all ages. Bowers advised against doling out punishment in the heat of the moment, which can cause anger and resentment. Instead, after a cooling off period, the key is to give your child options. You can say, “Well, do you want 2 hours of chores or no TV for the day? Do you want to miss this party, or do you want to lose driving privileges for a week?” This method has been proven to deescalate the situation because a small amount of choice can make a big difference to a child. It’s not that the child is all of a sudden in control — the parent is still administering punishment — but giving the child options instead of dictating to them can lessen the emotional fallout.