Domino's Is Helping Cities Plow Snow This Winter To Deliver Pizza

Domino’s is committed to not letting anything get in the way of delivering hot pizza to its customers, including the snow. The pizza chain is rolling out its second stunt — Plowing For Pizza — following the famous Paving For Pizza back in 2018. This winter, no matter how much snow is out there, Domino’s is guaranteeing your pizza delivery because they’re giving out $500,000 worth of grants to communities for snow plowing services that will ensure that you can have a pizza delivered despite the winter weather. So how does this work? Fans are encouraged to visit to submit the zip code of their hometown for a grant. Submissions are open from Dec. 4, 2023 through Jan. 21, 2024, and are limited to one submission per email address. Up to 20 cities across the nation will be awarded $25,000 in snow plowing grants. Domino's will name selected towns on a rolling basis throughout the program to make sure grants are awarded during the winter season. Towns chosen will be announced beginning in mid-January.