The Forklift Driving World Championship Is a Surprisingly Exciting Event

Every year, Germany hosts the Stapler Cup, a competitive event that sees hundreds of forklift drivers from around the world going head to head in a series of difficult challenges for the title of World’s Best Forklift Operator. Competitive forklift driving probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting event in the world, but it’s apparently exciting enough to draw tens of thousands of spectators. The yearly event is a chance for thousands of forklift drivers to showcase their skills on the big stage in a series of tests aimed at pushing their talent, coordination, and reflexes to the limit. In the 10 years the event has been held, organizers have come up with some pretty unusual tests. For example, using the prong to put eyelets of thin wire around a ballpoint pen, stacking crates to millimeter precision, transporting vessels full of liquid without any spillage, and maneuvering through incredibly tight courses, all while trying to obtain the best time possible. It’s a truly exhilarating spectacle to watch, even if you’re not a forklift-driving enthusiast.