If Your Internet Connection Has Slowed Down, Your Christmas Decorations Could Be the Culprit

If your Internet connection has recently slowed down or has trouble connecting in some rooms of your house, your Christmas decorations could be the culprit. WiFi signals use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio bands and can reach up to 150 feet if unimpeded, but the signal from your router can be blocked and interfered with by a wide range of household objects. When the radio waves your router pumps out hit tinsel, lights, or ornaments, they bounce off and scatter, which can slow your WiFi down. A Christmas tree can be the perfect storm for disrupting WiFi due to the huge number of branches, ornaments made of different materials, and even interference from strands of Christmas lights. In fact, any large object placed in front of your router can block your WiFi signal, so be careful where you place your TV, monitor, speakers, and lamps, making sure they’re as far away from the router as you can place them. Plugging your lights and router into the same outlet can also slow things down, especially if the lights twinkle or flash.