Oklahoma Woman Outraged After Scammers List Her Home On Zillow For Just $10,800

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous — for good reason — has been left outraged after scammers listed her 4-bedroom home on Zillow for just $10,800. She discovered that the listing on her property — estimated to be worth $420,000 — was being advertised to first-time buyers on the real estate website. The scammers claimed to be part of a wealthy family who owned many homes across the country and were selling the house to benefit charity. The property owner immediately contacted authorities. Oklahoma County Assessor Larry Stein called the number on the listing and was told, “How does it feel to be scammed?” after which the person hung up. The property owner then called the number and was told, “We’re not gonna stop. We’re making a lot of money off this deal. How does it feel to be scammed?” Then the scammers offered her a deal: “You send $8,800 and I’ll sell you the house.” The Oklahoma County Assessor’s Office contacted the District Attorney and hopes an investigation will lead to the perpetrators and charges will eventually be filed.