Kentucky Family Finds a Baby Owl In Their Christmas Tree

There’s no place like home for the holidays, but what happens when your home is moved inside another home? A family in Lexington, Ken., recently found an unwanted yuletide guest nestled in their Christmas tree. The White family has a decades-long tradition of going out and cutting down their Christmas tree. This year, however, it seems that a hitchhiker came home with the tree. The first person to spot the baby owl was Bobby Hayes (pictured below) of Magic Carpet Cleaning, who was cleaning the carpets in the home while the family was away. After plugging in a piece of equipment, he noticed the tree swaying and the owl on the prowl. Hayes said the bird crawled up into the tree further, and it took him several minutes to find it. Grabbing the bird in the nick of time, Hayes sent a photo to Michele White. “I thought he had put a stuffed animal or an ornament into the tree, so I called him immediately.” That’s when she found out that the bird had been in tree since they brought it home. Hayes made the wise choice to release the owl in the family’s back yard, sure that it was pining for a wooded place once again. Fortunately, no damage was done to the tree and all's well that ends well.