1000-Lb Sister’s Amazing Body Transformation

In January 2020, TLC network premiered a reality show called 1000-lb Sisters, which focuses on the personal lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton of Dixon, Kentucky. The show chronicles their daily lives, along with their attempts at weight loss and weight-loss surgery. The sisters say their body issues began when they were children, saying it was partly genetics — “Our whole family’s big,” Amy says — but their poor diet also contributed to their weight gain. When the series first began, Amy weighed in at 406 pounds, while Tammy tipped the scales at 725 pounds. Amy qualified for weight-loss surgery in 2019 and is now down to 230 pounds, while Tammy struggled to meet the requirements for weight-loss surgery. Finally, in July 2022, Tammy reached the required goal weight and had gastric bypass surgery. She is now down to 285 pounds. Although the sisters have received unkind messages about their weight — even after making so much progress — Tammy and Amy have no regrets about going public with their journey. The next step in Tammy’s journey is excess skin removal, with a necklift taking 4-5 hours and costing around $35,000. For her lower abdomen, it would take 2-3 hours and cost around $20,000. A leg lift would take 2 hours and cost $15,000, while her arms would require 2 hours and cost $15,000. That’s a total of $85,000, but all of that will have to wait until her weight has “equalized.” That means waiting until she’s no longer losing weight, which could take several more months. The video below shows the tremendous achievement both sisters have made.