If You Think YOU’RE Having a Bad Day………..

We’ve all been there. You’re having a normal day, when all of a sudden one event sends everything into chaos. From spilling your morning coffee to tripping over your cat, varying degrees of accidents can make a day go from bad to worse very quickly. People across the country have taken to social media to share the details of their bad days, and the accompanying photos are bizarre, at times cringe-worthy, but really hilarious. Here are just a few of the photos taken by people having a bad day.


This feline shocked its owner when it urinated all over some cooked rice. Hey, anything that resembles a litter box is fair game!

Spill on Aisle 5! One Home Depot employee was definitely in for a long shift after this accident.

One minivan owner bugged out after being confronted with dozens of dead spiders after noticing spider web and setting off a bug-bomb in the vehicle.

This DIY wood glue operation definitely ended up looking more messy than the homeowner intended.

Chicken run! This woman left shoppers at Costco devastated when she grabbed a shopping cart full of rotisserie chicken.