Miami TV Station Is Infested With Termites — Dozens of Bugs Seen Munching Through Anchors' Desk During Live Newscasts

Termites are eating their way through the studio of a Miami TV station during live newscasts, causing staffers to break out in hives and creating fear that the studio will crumble on top of them. ABC affiliate WPLG-TV has been plagued by termites for years, but in the last 6-8 months, they’ve gotten out of control. Right where the anchors sit, there’s glass, but under that glass the creepy crawly bugs are munching away on the wooden desk. What worries staffers is the fact that the huge LED screens and studio lights that hang from the ceiling are held up by wooden panels. Aside from the dangers posed by rotting wood, many employees are also breaking out in hives from an allergic reaction to the termite “frass” (poop). “It’s embarrassing and disgusting, and our viewers have no idea,” said one staffer. Several staff members have gone to the station’s top brass about their concerns, but those concerns were dismissed. Station management has confirmed the infestation, adding that termites are common in Florida. Unfortunately, because the station is slated for a remodel next year, nothing is going to be done about the problem. Bert Medina, President and CEO of WPLG said the station has treated the set 10 times so far, but the worker bees aren’t buying it and are saying they’re just putting down bate traps, which do nothing.