Hawaii Has Received More Snow This Winter Than New York City and Boston Combined

While New York City and Boston are typically associated with snowy winters, Hawaii has surprisingly outpaced them in snowfall this winter. The Mauna Kea Weather Center on Hawaii island experienced a significant snowstorm in late November, which resulted in approximately half a foot of show. This event occurred on the peaks of the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes. In contrast, Boston reported only a fraction of its average snowfall, receiving a mere 0.2 inches on December 6th. New York City, often pictured with winter snowscapes, has yet to see its fist snowfall of the season. Boston’s average snowfall for November is 0.7 inches, escalating to 9 inches in December. New York City usually sees about half an inch in November and close to 5 inches in December. The weather pattern known as El Niño — characterized by warmer ocean waters in the Pacific — might change the East Coast’s winter outlook. Following the end of La Niña in March, El Niño began this summer. NOAA has predicted that El Niño could lead to near-normal or slightly above-normal precipitation for the East Coast. This means there’s still a chance for cities like New York and Boston to catch up and experience their share of winter wonderland scenes. El Niño’s influence could bring more wet weather to these areas, potentially increasing their snowfall totals as the winter progresses.