Tired of Waiting For Water To Boil? Try Making Cold Water Pasta

Most people love eating pasta, but not cooking it. Besides worrying about getting just the right consistency, there’s the endless waiting for the water to boil. Thankfully, the Internet is full of nifty hacks, and now there’s a new one: cold water pasta. Experts claim that using cold water will cut your time in half, as well as reduce the amount of water you use. How many times have you filled y our pot more than halfway with water, only to drain so much of it off later? Does pasta really need that much water to cook? Here are the instructions for how to cook cold water pasta. 

  1. 1. Add 8-16 ounces of pasta to a 12-inch skillet, along with 1½ teaspoons of salt and 1 quart of cold water. 
  2. 2. Turn the burner on medium-high heat and wait for it to start steaming. This should take 2-3 minutes. Once steaming, stir the pasta occasionally as the water temperature continues to rise, coming to a boil. 
  3. 3. Cook the pasta to your desired texture, continuing to stir occasionally. The entire process should take 13-15 minutes total. 

So, does the cold water pasta hack work? The short answer is yes. It cut the cooking time nearly in half and the texture of the pasta was more satisfactory compared with the usual boiling water method. The concentrated salt-to-water ratio gave the pasta even more flavor compared to the normal boiling water method. As for the taste, those who have tried it say the cold water pasta was superior to the pasta in boiled water.