The Couple Who Disappeared From Chicago In 1978 and Has Never Been Found

Everyone loves a good mystery, but what about those unsolved mysteries that don't have that satisfying ending? We know about Amelia Earhart, D.B. Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa, but how many people remember the strange disappearance of Edward and Stephania Andrews of Chicago? Edward, an accountant, and his wife Stephania, a credit investigator, were both on the verge of retirement. On the evening of May 15, 1970, they attended a cocktail party at the Sheraton-Chicago hotel on North Michigan Avenue. At about 9:30 p.m., the hotel’s parking valet observed Edward staggering as he approached his vehicle. When exiting the garage, the vehicle sideswiped a door, and a valet got a glimpse of Stephania in the passenger seat, crying. Edward proceeded onto the lower deck of Michigan Avenue, where he illegally drove south in the northbound lanes toward the Michigan Avenue Bridge. That was the last reported sighting of the couple. The Andrews failed to attend a scheduled dinner party the next night and neither reported to work the following Monday. The Andrews left behind all their personal belongings, and their bank accounts and credit cards showed no activity in the months that followed. A search of the Chicago River and adjacent areas of Lake Michigan were conducted, but nothing was ever found. The couple was declared legally dead in 1978.