The Creature That Looks Like a Flower But Stings Like a Bee

Sometimes you see things in nature that trick your mind. Take, for instance, the orchid mantis — a species of praying mantis that models itself after the pink orchid. The orchid mantis is white with pink accents, which vary from soft to bright, and its legs have lobes that make them look like the petals of an orchid. They mimic orchids to confuse their prey, then sneakily attack insects like moths, butterflies, beetles, and even frogs and scorpions. The insects get trapped, eaten, and the circle of life continues, at least for the orchid mantis. The orchid mantis is the only animal known to mimic an entire flower — color, petals, etc. — to attract insects of its own accord. Once again, animals prove that we can’t always predict how they look.