Why There Are No Serial Killers in the Philippines

It might surprise you to learn that there’s only been one documented serial killer in the Philippines. Juan Severino Mallari was hanged in 1840 after confessing to 57 murders. There hasn’t been a single serial killer in the island country since then, and the country’s busybody culture is the reason why. It’s hard to be a serial killer in a country where everyone is so nosey. Everybody knows everybody else’s business. Because the country is thickly populated, privacy is almost nonexistent. A serial killer would be detected almost immediately. At the core is religion — Filipinos are raised with the fear of God, as well as being a resilient people. Studies have shown that an unstable family history is a factor in serial killers, with many coming from broken families. In the Philippines, where family is paramount, those who are at the end of their rope have no problem seeking help, relying on the support of friends and family. That’s not to say that there aren’t murders committed in the Philippines, but serial killers — defined as someone who has committed three or more murders — is unheard of. The only thing that’s to be feared living in the Philippines are serial gossipers — those they have by the millions!