Microsoft Is Moving Away From Passwords

Passwords are a blessing and a curse, promising to secure files while offering a false sense of security. With the update that’s rolling out to Windows 11, Microsoft is fully embracing the passwordless future. The tech giant points out that passwords are nowhere near as secure as people think they are, citing the statistic of 4,000 password attacks every second. With the update installed, users will be able to turn passkeys to bolster their security, replacing passwords with more secure optics such as biometrics. The passkeys feature allows users to login to websites and applications without having to provide a username or password. A passkey creates a unique, unguessable, cryptographic credential that’s securely stored on your device. They are created through Windows Hello, and users can manage their saved passkeys by heading to Start > Settings > Accounts > Passkeys. Apple and Google are also working to implement passwordless sign-in standards across Android, Chrome, iOS, macOS, and Safari.