A First-Hand Account of What It’s Like To Be a Nanny For the Wealthy

Callie works as a nanny for “rich people.” The 30-year-old, who is a nanny for three young boys in Austin, Tex., regularly documents her working life on TikTok, where her followers are frequently left in awe of the lavish lifestyle she’s able to enjoy. Reading about a typical day in the life Callie makes you wonder where you went wrong. First, she got to work and watched an episode of Paw Patrol, an animated children’s television series. Then she dropped off two of the three children at school, then dropped by Starbucks with the third child for a little “fall drink and a cake pop.” Then they met Callie’s personal trainer, after which they went to a nursing home where Callie volunteers. “We sang, we danced, we bought flowers for the little old ladies,” said Callie. "Then we immediately went home for a 3-hour nap.” After that, cleaners came and cleaned the house and a laundress came to do the laundry. Callie then headed back to the school to pick up the older boys, stopping by Chick-fil-A on the way home to get them a little snack. You might be wondering if Callie’s employers pay for everything. Why yes, yes they do. They gave Callie a credit card, which is allowed to use to pay for everything related to the children. They also gave her a car, and they pay for the gas. As for her salary, Callie makes $30-$35 an hour, depending on how many children she has to watch. Of course, any vacations the couple takes with the kids in tow means Callie gets a vacation as well, all expenses paid. Chances are, you might be doing a little Internet search right now on how to become a nanny.