Scotland is Planning a Transition to a 4-day Workweek

Workplaces that have dared to implement a 4-day workweek are few and far in between, but Scotland’s government is reportedly ready to take the plunge. The move will impact a range of departments and will reportedly run for about 12 months. Advisers are hoping a success in the 4-day work week for the public sector will spur the private sector to adopt the practice as well. The change is a bid to improve productivity and promote increased work-life balance. The pilot program will assess environmental, health, and well-being benefits, tracking efficiency gains to determine whether a permanent switch is feasible. The majority of Scotland’s civil servants continue to work from home, and with general elections slated for next year, the 4-day work week pilot could demonstrate how new policies can be successfully pushed through. Last year, a UK-based trial involving nearly 3,000 workers from 61 companies for 6 months revealed increased production and reduced staff turnover.