First Lady of Fitness Reveals the At-Home Workout Routine That Keeps Her in Shape at 97

Elaine LaLanne built a fitness empire and revolutionized the exercise industry alongside her husband, Jack LaLanne, who died in 2011. Throughout the years, the 97-year-old has kept her stellar figure and muscle mass, thanks to a 20-minute exercise routine that she does daily. She said her workout begins the minute she opens her eyes. While still lying in bed, she gets out from under the covers and does 12 jackknife sit-ups, a low-impact version of regular sit-ups. 

Then, she gets out of bed and walks to her bathroom sink, where she does incline push-ups. 

Once she gets to her home gym, she works up a sweat by doing an incline walk for a couple of minutes. 

Next she does lat pull-downs on a machine. 

While it may seem simple, the fitness fanatic has revealed that it’s more than enough to keep her looking and feeling her best.