Mass Murder Turns Out to be a Yoga Class

Picture yourself walking into a dark room and turning on the lights, only to see corpses strewn all over the floor. What would you do? Upon spotting multiple immobile bodies in a candlelit cafe, with an eerie character sitting in the middle of them, a British couple called the police — a very reasonable thing to do. Officers quickly arrived on the scene to inspect the reported “ritual mass murder,” only to find out that they had interrupted a yoga class. The cops walked in during the relaxation phase of yoga teacher Millie Laws’ class. Her 7 students were indeed lying about motionless, but they weren’t dead. Fortunately, Laws doesn’t blame the couple who made the emergency call. She realized that her class might look at bit bizarre to an outsider. Despite the unfounded claims made about them, both Laws and Seascape Cafe saw the humor in the incident.