Why Are People Putting Dryer Sheets In Their Mailboxes?

Warm weather means more time at the beach, more grilling burgers with the family, and lots of fresh-squeezed lemonade, but it also means more bugs. Wasps and yellowjackets like to make nests inside mailboxes, as it gives shelters from the heat of the sun and provides a warm place in chilly evenings. A trend that’s catching on might sound crazy, but it could help your mail carrier more than you realize. People are beginning to leave dryer sheets in their mailboxes as a way of keeping wasps and yellowjackets out. Wasps and yellowjackets typically dislike very aromatic things like eucalyptus, citronella, and even cloves. Because dryer sheets are heavily scented, the stinging insects avoid them like the plague. Just remember to switch out the dryer sheet every so often so the scent stays fresh and strong. Your mail carrier will thank you!