Nevada License Plate That’s Short For "Go Back To California" Is Revoked By DMV

A revoked Nevada license plate that was meant to “drive away” Californians is getting one last chance to go back on the streets. The plate — which reads “GOBK2CA” — was recalled by the Department of Motor Vehicles in May after the DMV received a complaint. The driver who received the recall letter has appealed the DMV’s request to turn in his plates, and a judge will decide whether he can keep them or not. The DMV consistently reviews new personalized plate requests, with many of them being denied. Some denials are understandable, while some — like “GGGGGGG” — are not. Although an application may be whitelisted as acceptable, the DMV can reassess it if complaints are received. The statute prohibits "upside down numbers and numbers in excess of 7; expressions of contempt, ridicule, or superiority of race, ethnic heritage, or gender; anything sexual, derogatory or obscene; direct or indirect references to drugs or drug paraphernalia; references to gangs; and any defamatory references to a person or a group.”