Air Fried Garlic Grilled Cheese Is a Cheap Sandwich With a Lot of Flavor

We’re all familiar with “high-brow” sandwiches with ingredients few people have in their pantry, but what about a “low-brow” sandwich? For most people, that brings to mind the inexpensive standard: grilled cheese. Making a grilled cheese sandwich in your air fryer is, as they say, “easy peasy.” Just brush two pieces of bread with butter, stuff some cheese in between them, and air fry it at 375º for about 8 minutes, flipping the sandwich at around the 6-minute mark to make sure both sides get some love from the heating element. Now, let’s kick it up a notch. Follow the same directions, only this time dust each side of the sandwich with a generous amount of garlic salt. The cheese inside gets gooey and stretchy, the interior of the bread is soft and fluffy, and the outside is crispy, with lots of savory, salty garlic flavor. What could be better than that?