Inside the World's Largest McDonald's

The world’s largest McDonald’s — known as Epic McD — offers more than the usual Quarter Pounder and Big Mac. The 3-story restaurant spans 19,000 square feet and has a fish tank, a woodfire pizza oven, a desert bar, a huge arcade, and even a 22-foot play area. Menu items range from pasta and pizza to Philly steak sandwiches, gateaux (fruit and cream cake), and frozen Fanta drinks. Epic McD, in Orlando, Fla., even has a waving 30-foot-tall Ronald McDonald statue at the entrance. The original McDonald’s was opened at that location in 1976, but closed for renovation in 2015, reopening as Epic McD in 2016. The restaurant is open 24 hours and features a “Create Your Own” menu that includes customized pasta dishes, omelettes, and an expanded dessert menu.