Domino's Delivers Pizza By Jetpack To Music Festival-Goers

During this year’s Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Domino’s revealed the jetpack-powered future of pizza delivery when a delivery pilot flew across the festival grounds to delivery pizza orders. When the pizza giant realized that serving slices inside the festival was impossible, they decided to launch their own rapid delivery trial. According to Domino’s PR manager Sam Wilson, it was a no-brainer. Every year, Domino’s sees huge numbers of requests from festival goers trying to sneak pizza onto the grounds. After hearing that Elton John would head up the entertainers at this year’s festival, Domino’s decided to take a giant step toward their own “rocket man” service to help hungry campers get a slice of sky-high satisfaction. While there aren’t any plans to roll out the jetpack delivery nationwide, Wilson believes the idea in its current stage could be the way to go in the future. Gravity Industries jetpacks cost in the neighborhood of $480,000 and up, so it will likely remain a fun novelty for now.